Author Topic: Using harvested yeast  (Read 5338 times)

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Re: Using harvested yeast
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Re: Using harvested yeast
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Another option to harvesting from fermenter is to harvest from the starter. For yesterday's brew I made a liter sns starter late the night before. When it came time to pitch I shook it up to get it as homogenous as possible and  poured 100ml into another starter. (100ml was just a guess, ive never did this before)The second starter was fermenting happily this morning. When I'm ready to brew I'll take the starter out of the refrigerator decant and repeat the process as if it was a new smack pack. Thats the plan anyway

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Re: Using harvested yeast
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About the only time I wash yeast is when I go from a big rye IPA (or similar) to a light beer of one sort or the other. That, and I usually avoid harvesting yeast from 8% + beer, though I don't know how critical that is. I much prefer to make a little extra yeast from whatever clean batch I start with, and just grow it from there. Though best laid plans...