Author Topic: Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 62 - Transforming the Boot Camp  (Read 499 times)

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It's back - it's science time! But first... we hit the feedback back, talk about some elections and other beer news - including Sierra Nevada's throwback beer move and the new beer style that's got people up in arms. In the library we discuss whether or not Prohibition was a good thing for beer and why American versions of British beers seem to fall short - according to the Brits. In the brewery, Drew discusses a very cool charity he just worked with and YCHops sets the record straight on the hop glut. In the lab, we look at the hot hop topic of BioTransform from the results of our IGORs. In the lounge, we sit down with Brad Ring from BYO to discuss their boot camp format before we close out with the Q's & the A's, quick tip and say goodbye to one of the best actors Denny ever got to work with.
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Re: Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 62 - Transforming the Boot Camp
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Another great show!

Perhaps biotransformation occurs with edible glitter dust? Perhaps not.

And something other than beer... two of the greatest uses of television are anything Ken Burns, and MASH. RIP David
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