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How do I mash these?

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I want to make a cream ale next week and I have everything I need except flaked corn. So instead of ordering just that, I thought I'd use grits. I've read about cereal mashes, but there seems to be some dispute about whether it's necessary. So can I just cook the grits and then add them to the ton?

You do not have to do a cereal mash, but you DO have to cook the grits. The problem is it takes about 1 gallon of water per pound of grits to keep them runny. I remember using 2 lbs in a recipe once and it took 2 gallons of water to keep them from being cement. Some crushed grain (cereal mash) would only require more water to keep them moving.

If you're using quick grits, do you even need to do a cereal mash?  I've added instant polenta right to mash without cooking.

but only the "quick" grits.
Treat these 'quick' products similar to flaked, gelatinized, brewing products

So I can add these straight to the mash? I was planning on using 0.5 pounds in a 3 gallon batch some rice hulls to insure against a stuck run-off. When I figure my water/grist ratio, does this affect it any differently than flaked maize?


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