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First off thanks to everyone who responded to my posts/questions regarding foam stoppers and OG of a starter.  Yesterday, I brewed a "Double IPA"-Extract/Specialty grain recipe.  I miscalculated water additions and ended up with 5.5 to 6 gallons of wort-OG was 1.074.  I racked into the fermentation bucket allowing quite a bit of splashing (racked at 65 degrees).  I then used an O2 canister and stone-three times for about 10 to 15 seconds each-swirling the stone around the bottom via the stainless steel tube.  I then pitched my 1500ml of starter and another fully puffed out pack of Wyeast 1056.  FYI-the starter was created the day prior using a way too high OG starter of 1.065 and a stir plate.  It is now the 16 hours later-early I know but no activity in the Airlock.  The lid is sealed tight, the inside part of the airlock is pushed up.  Should I have any concerns? Thanks-

In a word, No.

patience is all that is needed.  If you have nothing after day 3, then let us know, but check your gravity first.

Sounds fine. What temperature is it at? Get a blow-off tube ready!

I am fermenting at 67 degrees


--- Quote from: bendbrew on November 15, 2009, 09:59:10 AM ---I am fermenting at 67 degrees

--- End quote ---
That's a good fermenting wort temp. 

For those that are on the early part of the learning curve,
The yeast don't care what the room temp is, only what the wort temp is, with the difference being 5-10F.



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