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What changes would make this forum more useful or easier for you?

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We are always looking for ways to improve the forum ans website.
The forum is SMF based.  At this point in time it has very few modifications applied.
What would you like to see and why?  If possible, not necessary, direct us to an SMF package or modification that we could apply.
We want this to be the best environment for you that we can apply.


How about topic ratings, ignore user, ignore topic, subscriptions to topics...
I was looking at the simple machines website at their addons. Not sure that they are universally adaptable.

Another forum, which I won't mention ( cough brewingnetwork, cough ) has links to see "New Posts" since your last visit, and "New Beer-Related Post" ( basically filtering out the off topic stuff ).

I'm not sure the "Unread" link by our login name does the same thing.

Yes, the "unread" link does the same think.  and I think some members of the GC have a BN awareness ;)

** update ** The unread feature seems to do the same thing!!!

I use the Brewing Network forum a lot and I like the ability to quickly scan the recent beer related posts regardless of what category they are in. Your "recently" feature shows way to much of the post, I just want titles. Much like the TT table of content did. You may be able to find a mod on the SMF site. They have tons of them. like this one.

I would be glad to take time and find SMF mods and talk with your tech person as I am a web developer also.


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