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Hello all,

Nice forum you have here.
I used to subscribe to Beer Advocate Magazine (for several years--still have most of my back issues)
But my main reason for signing up, and then eventually joining the AHA (around July 1st) is so that I have an early chance at buying tickets to the GABF 2018. (site says you have to be an AHA or Brewers Assoc. by July 20th--the Brewers Assoc. looks like it's mainly for brewing companies).

Not sure how y'all feel about that (Me joining just to have an extra crack at getting GABF tix), but I am a craft brew lover. Some of my favorites include: Dogfish head (both the 6% and the 9%), Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Fuller ESB, sometimes Red Hook ESB, Samuel Adams, mostly anything with lots of citrusy hops.

I'm mainly looking for tips on how not to miss out on that special moment when ticketmaster (or ASX) begins early sales chances.

I saw that last year (2017) went on sale on Aug 1st (presale) and Aug 2nd for general public for the October event.
This year it says "Sales will begin in Mid-Summer"
I also know last year, tix for General Public sold out in 4 hours, the year prior, tix sold out in ONE HOUR.
This is why I feel it is a very good idea to support AHA with $43 for a pre-sale chance.

But here are my questions:
According to this link, it is $43, but I don't know if it is an old link or not:
Also, does paying $43 allow me to have some presale code, or an email reminder sent to me for when they actually go on sale (I don't want to miss the presale!)
Can I buy 2 tickets with my one AHA membership?

Basically, I'm looking for Pro-tips.. we (my grown son) and I would like to attend the 4 hour block on Friday evening.
Also, last years said tix were through  (not ticketmaster?)
The reason I ask this question is because:
and because:
Note: There are two Will Call booths side by side in this location: Ticketmaster Will Call and GABF Volunteer Will Call. Please know in advance where tickets have been left for you!

Also last year, they had a: Friday,  5:30 pm – 10:00 pm
That's the same one we would like to attend this time (Friday the 21st)

Notice on this link it says:
2018 Sale Dates   
Member Presale   July 31, 10:00 am (MT) via AXS
General Public Sale   August 1, 10:00 am (MT) via AXS

^Both say via AXS

I said a lot of words to simply get to this point:
Should I be standing at a Tickemaster (or AXS whatever that is) kiosk the morning of July 31st? Or should I be on the phone? Should I be online?
I don't want to miss out!

Help a newbie out please :)

Thanks everyone, I'm very confused.. and I'm not even drunk (I promise)

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Welcome to the AHA and the forum.  I haven't gone to GABF so my answer will be from the perspective of "Interested 3rd party", I guess.

Each year, as an AHA member I get a bunch of emails with the details on when, how, where to purchase, and I think you receive a code (not real sure on that one) to get you into the correct queue to buy tickets during the "Member's Only" timeframe. 

You should have enough advanced notice to prepare.  I believe the tickets go pretty fast so it is good to be informed and ready to go.

Welcome and good luck.  This is a good group of very knowledgeable and helpful folks on this forum.

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Paul summed it up. I have never been, but always think about it when the e-mails come. Welcome.
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I've always get my tickets through Ticketmaster online.(it does get busy sometimes, so log in before hand)  Looking through last years email, I got the pre-sale code on 7/25 and the tickets went on sale 8/1.  The email also contained a link to Ticketmaster
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Very nice info everyone! I can take a deep breath and relax it sounds like.

I'm very fortunate to live just down the "road" in Colorado Springs.
We are planning to get a hotel room so that we are not drinking and driving.

Special thanks to EnkAMania for the ticketmaster info because I was slightly confused about AXS and what role they play (maybe certain companies are allotted a certain number of tix to sell)
It's good to know I will get a code, and good to know that I will get email several days in advance.

Hope to see you guys there.
I hear there is a special strategy of balance---meaning try enough beers, but don't get wrecked before you get a chance to try enough beers--I see people with pretzel necklaces in some pics--probably to cleanse the pallette as well as keep food in you so you don't get sea-sick.

I really hope to see if there are some Hemp/Hops beers to try--I think these ingredients will pair well together. I know there is a brand called "High Hops", but I didn't get a chance to try it (it was at the 3rd Annual Hemp Expo called NOCO up in Loveland Colorado every year)  --I mean, they are in the same family and all. (Hops and cannabis).

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I have been to GABF several times and would suggest that the best session is on Thursday night when most of the brewers are pouring.  Friday and Saturday nights are pretty crowded and rowdy.  That’s the night you will find most of the brewers out at pubs in LODO.  The Saturday afternoon session used to be nice and quiet when it was only sold to members, but as you know, now anybody can become a member just to buy tickets, so it sells out and gets pretty crowded.  A lot of breweries run out of beer by then as well.
If you happen to miss a ticket purchasing opportunity when they first go on sale, which is unlikely, this forum always has people (much like yourself) buying and selling tickets just before the event.
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Thanks Jeffy, that's good advice, unfortunately, I don't think my son will be able to get off work until early Friday (noonish) so I think we're stuck with Friday.

I think I would like to bring (or make) some kind of card so I can rate the beers as I try them.. because once I get home I won't remember what I liked or what I hated. Do they hand out cards and pencils, etc.. or do people make a sort of "wish list" of things to try?

Will there be out of Country brewers there as well? I've tried Westvleteren 12 before as well as Duvel but beyond the Trappist and German brewers I haven't had much experience from other parts of the world (I was stationed in Germany for 3 years--and to be honest, I really don't like German beer-- I hope that doesn't offend anyone! there is just something about heffeweizen or whatever that taste is that I just didn't really care fore.. helles was not so bad..

My favorite beer while in Germany was when I went to a small town that sold Lowebrau out of a Keller, it was nothing like the Lowenbrau you get here in the other go-to beer was St. Georgen Keller bier--now those I could drink all night.

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Join, get a code via email, buy tickets. Codes are emailed a few days before members only sale. Some sessions still sell out, but are often for sale at face as the date gets closer as plans change.

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 Hurrah! Hurray!

PS: Yes, I'm a little paranoid about posting my member number. I don't know if it's a big deal or not--but I read a story about someone who posted a picture of his bit-coin, and it was stolen in appox 10 minutes.. it was a journalist he was doing a story about bit coins and posted his actual bit coin certificate :)

So I may be accused of being a little to cautious, but I guess it can't hurt.

(For GABF!!!)
And early code for pre-sale.

Thanks everyone--for your advice!

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Welcome to the forum.

I'm just here for the knowledge.  I've never been to any large events.  Biggest one I've been to is Great Lakes Brew Fest in Racine, WI.  But we don't have big celebrities there or anything.  Someday, someday......  And anyone thirsty is always welcome to come on over and help me drink up my ~10 cases of homebrew.  I'm on-call for work this week again......
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