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can i carbonate beer in a keg with priming sugar and no co2?

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i was wondering if i poured my priming sugar mixture in a keg and racked the beer onto it and closed it up if it would carbonate without co2?

if so, would it need to be held at room temp for a certain number of days and then could i put it in the cooler?

i don't need the beer for another month.  it's being served at a festival. 

thanks in advance.

It can be done.

You will most likely need to still hit it with a bit of CO2 to get the lid to seal.

You will have more yeast for the first few pints.

Simplest way is to just force carbonate it though.

Yeah, like river rat said I'd seal the lid with some CO2 as soon as you close up the keg.

You also need a bit less sugar to carbonate it, maybe 3/4 or 2/3 as much.  I force carbonate though, so I don't know the correction.

This would be a good excuse to get a spunding valve. It will keep your beer from overcarbonating by releasing pressure at a set level. If you don't have check valves in place, and your naturally carbed keg is hooked up at a higher pressure than what the regulators are set at, you're not going to be a happy camper.

This is my prefered method. Usually just 3oz cane sugar and a blast of co2 to seal the lid. Don't really get any more sediment off the first couple pours than with other carbing approaches.

So easy. I just dissolve the sugar in a cup of boiling water in the microwave and pour into the keg before the brew goes in.


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