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James K:
I just picked up a chest freezer. 7cu-ft.

Lookin for pointers and tips related to converting this into a keezer. I am planning on a wooden collar. But also want to make sure that wood is well insulated and also protected from humidity. I plan on 4 taps being present and having the co2 tank on the shelf inside.

I was also going to build a wooden frame for it so it looks nicer. Maybe raise it off of the ground?
Let’s pimp this.

I don't have any pictures to post at the moment.  I mounted my 7" freezer on a piece of plywood about 2" longer and wider than the base.  I ran a .75"x.75" edge around the top of the plywood to make it look a bit cleaner.

The most important thing the platform allowed me to do was put 3.5" wheels under the unit.  This means I can move it around as needed with out unloading it.

Other than that, I just painted the wooden collar with Gloss-White paint, mounted the top on the collar, and hung my temp controller on it.


Have fun on your design and build!  My system has worked very well is basically maintainance free (sans cleaning, of course).


If the internal height will accommodate corny kegs, your next concern is whether the top is rigid enough to support a tower. If either answer is negative, you need to build a collar. What you do beyond that is up to your judgement. Be aware that cooling is accomplished by transferring heat from the interior to the exterior, so anything between the exterior walls and ambient will significantly lower the cooling efficiency.

The good news is that you need much less efficiency to maintain `40 degrees F. 

Robert :
I painted my collar (gloss white too) and then lined the inside of the collar with the mylar bubble type insulation, sealed to the top edge surface of the collar and to the freezer at the bottom with foil tape.  Used weatherstripping to make a good seal when the lid was reattached (it was designed to fit into a recess.)  The insulation may have been superfluous,  but it made me happy.

Humidity tip: Damp Rid.  Sits on the shelf real nice next to your CO2 bottle.

EDIT Another thought, about raising it off the ground.  You're already adding  at least 6" with the collar.  Don't know how tall you are (I'm not very) but remember you have to lift kegs in and out.

James K:
I am 6’1”. I like the wheel idea. That plus a collar would make serving height around mid stomach maybe higher. The shanks on my taps are 4.5” if I remember correctly. They go through a fridge door with a piece of wood now. I do want to make like a wooden box for aesthetics around the freezer. But probably also give some breathing room around the hot spots.

I have seen a keezer with a dehumidifier on the inside, is that just a waste of electricity if I surrounded the collar with some kind of insulation? What do you guys think? And or, how often do you replace the damp rid?


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