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sunday, a day of brew

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just warming up the water for my next brew of the day here; NB's three hearted ale.

i started this morning with their patersbier and have high hopes for that one, as it comes with many good reviews. these two beers are my first attempts at making starters and i believe that i will try to "ranch" the yeast when they come off of the cake here in a couple weeks.

the next brew lined up is NB's #8, gonna be my first high O.G. @ 1.084!


I think you'll enjoy the Three Hearted Ale!!!!

i know that i love two hearted; and i know for damn sure that i love rogue brutal bitter, my local liquor store dude called in an order to his supplier so i can have some for christmas.

ive brewed the tongue splitter and it's carbing right now, i would imagine that before long, i will try that kit with a pound of hops, 155th dream i think.

steeping is done, onward!

I just finished

EPIC brew day

Dopple decoction dopplebock
WICKED SLOW run-off (think my mill needs a look)
All that and a 100 minute boil = long brew day


You lucky guys!  I'm at work.  No brewing, no drinking.


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