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Room temperature keg?

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Backstory: due to my employment situation I've had to move into a smaller place, so my kegerator is in storage. Kind of ironic, since now I have all kinds of free time to brew (and saving money on beer isn't a bad thing either). But I don't have any bottles saved up, and don't really have room for more than a few cases anyway, and buying them at fifty cents a pop means they'll cost more than the beer, at least until I get enough in rotation. Plus I'm spoiled... I can't stand bottling.

So what I'm wondering is if there are any issues associated with keeping a keg warm, and using it to fill a 2 L bottle (with a Carbonator cap) that could then go in the fridge. The furnace is set at 68°F, but I'm thinking the garage (insulated, but not heated) will stay cooler than that, maybe even get down to serving temps once it's colder outside. I guess all I'm really wondering is if there's a dramatic difference in flavor, aging in the 60s versus the 40s.

Anyone have experience with storing a keg warm for a few months?

I have stored bottle and bottles and bottles of beer at room temp for a few months. I haven't noticed any negative effects. It shouldd be the same scenario, right? Are you going to store the beer uncarbed? sorry, I'm not much help.

I store my kegs in the garage. Big temp swings from season to season not hour to hour. I have had no
problem. I just make sure to keep some pressure in them to keep the seals. I have had to purge a bit
because I have overcarbed a few...but flavors are fine.

I store/condition my beers in kegs all the time. The cellar that I store them in ranges from 36 (cold February) to 70 (hot August) with not issues. I keep all my bottles this way as well with little detriment.

In all honesty, I can't remember what I was thinking the problem(s) might be. I think my next beer is going to be an IPA, which is something in which aging will have the most impact on flavor. If there are any issues I'll report back. Thanks all for setting me straight!


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