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I'm planning on doing a beer for Thanksgiving, a nice malty base, either a dubbel or a Scotch ale, with some fresh rosemary and maybe a little sage or thyme. I'm solid on recipes for both styles  (just brewed a partigyle batch of Big Scotty/Little Scotty), but haven't used these herbs in a beer before (infused some delicious herbed vodka, though). My biggest concern is with quantity; I want a subtle touch of the herbs, not a heavy-handed rosemary beer. Anybody have experience brewing with them? I'd like to get it made pretty soon so it has a couple of months to condition.

My advice is to go light, you can always add more later but can't take it away.

Also, check out Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing - I don't have my copy with me, but maybe someone else does.

Finally, consider soaking the herbs in some vodka and then dosing after primary to get the level of flavor you want.

Personally, I have never been a big fan of herbed beer but if you were going to do this I would recommend doing it in a lower gravity "Table Beer" with a saison type yeast. I will say that for my Turkey Day dinner I have found that I enjoy a good Alt - un-spiced. Seems to go best with a turkey dinner.

I'll have a Weizenbock ready.
Hoping it goes good with Turkey............. I know it will go good with relatives  ;D

Alt is an excellent beer with many foods

I was planning a similar brew, a Stuffing Ale, featuring Sage. I plan to keep it light at the end of the boil and tweak in secondary to taste. I am going with a large percentage of biscuit malt to try for a bready flavor. Good luck and happy brewing... Let us know how it goes.


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