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first batch down, now on to the next! (possible oktoberfest)


Okay, so I just did my first batch (all extract) and tried a bottle (day 10 of bottling).  It was a little watery, and not as carbonated as I would have liked.  Hopefully within a couple days both of those will change for the better.

With colder weather around the corner, I want to do an Oktoberfest beer.  I know that because it is a lager, it has to be climate controlled more (has to be in a colder environment).

How can I do this with lager yeast and simple brewing equipment?

the trick is keeping the fermentation cool. with simple equipment there is a great thread recently with pictures of swamp coolers.  fundamentaly, thow your fermenter in a tub of ice water and cover with towels.  you can even insulate the outside of the tub.  or wait till weather a little cooler.  white labs makes a yeast, i think it is 810, that is a sanfrancisco lager yeast.  it can be a little more forgiving if the temp gets a little high on accident.  i have used it in the past, not my favorite yet but useful

do you know the link of where this thread is?


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