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Author Topic: MKII Stainless Head Magnetic Brewing Beer pump  (Read 1068 times)

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MKII Stainless Head Magnetic Brewing Beer pump
« on: August 26, 2018, 03:42:46 pm »
Brand new and never used.  $60 plus shipping.  I bought this pump thinking of upgrade my system and reinvigorate my brewing but I just don't feel like brewing any more.

Includes Stainless Steel pump head for the MKII pump from Keg King AND the standard high temp polysulphone head!

An amazing little pump from Keg King of Australia. It has been used in the Australian market for years where it has a good reputation. Works like a March or a Chugger but with a sealed case that is more water resistant. Comes with a food grade high temp plastic head and stainless steel head which is a very nice upgrade.


• includes spare head Made from high temp food grade Polysulfone

• Also includes stainless steel head

• 110v/60hz

• 3.4 m max height (about 10 feet)

• 5 Gal/min max flow

• Max temperature - 248 F/ 120 C

• 1/2 inch fittings