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Flaked maize percentage for CAP

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I have been brewing CAPs for a while now, but never seem to get that corny flavor that most great CAPs have. My latest one is exactly 25% flaked maize. How high of a percentage of flaked maize can I go to in search of that corny taste?

Boy, I'm surprised 25% isn't enough!  Nothing useful to add, though....

The recipes I have from Jeff Renner (27% maize) and George Fix (29% maize) seem to indicate that you're in the ballpark with 25%.  What was the rest of your process and what yeast did you use?  Maybe that would yield some clues.  Are you trying to clone a particular CAP that has that "corny" taste?

The last CAP I made used 25% flaked corn (3 lbs) and I thought it had way too much of a corn taste so I would think you should be in the ball park. Gail brings up a good question. What yeast are you using and what temperature are you fermenting at?

Maybe try some grits or polenta and a cereal mash?


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