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Warped Roots Brewing Double Contracted Pale Ale
« on: November 21, 2018, 02:18:17 AM »
Real beer name is Canned Chameleon by Warped Roots. Overall, it's a bit of a hybrid-not really a pale ale and not really a NEIPA, but something in between. I'd describe it as "Fine", but in this day and age why settle? Hazy, golden, and dominated by a nondistinct citrus notes. Head on the beer is thin and disappears quickly, but there does seem to be some lacing.

With that in mind, apparently this recipe changes regularly. It has a 4.12/5 on Beer Advocate, but that seems a little high. I guess the good news is to try in a few months and it'll be different?

"Just like a chameleon, this Pale Ale is always changing. Each batch is brewed with a different hop variety and comes in a newly-hued can. When the can color shifts, the brew inside is all new."

To make things a bit more interesting, this beer is contract brewed. Warped Roots is a brand name for Hy-vee (A grocery store in the Iowa/Illinois region), contract brewed by Toppling Goliath. Except it's also brewed for Toppling Goliath in Verona, WI. Where TG has some of their beer contract brewed. I grabbed this info from this excellent blog article:

Lot of interesting things about this, for one, this beer was labelled as "Local" on the menu. Is a beer contract brewed 3.5 hours away in a different state local? Who's beer is this? Is it Toppling Goliath? Is it the brewery in Wisconsin? For the ever changing hops, it seems like a way to keep costs down when you add up all the contracts and corporations.