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Xmas and New Year is coming up quick folks.

Dont get caught without homemade sauerkraut!!!

For this batch I used: about 10 -15 lbs of cabbage, six granny smith apples, bay leaves, caraway seeds, juniper berrie and kosher salt.

Peel and slice the abbles and slice the cabbage as well. then start adding the cabbage to the crock with a few of the sliced apples some of the spices and a good amount of the kosher salt. Mix it well so that the shredded cabbage is well coated with salt. Then pack it down well with a meat hammer or some other heavey kitchen tool.

Repeat this step in layers until you have done all of the ingredients.Then pound it and push the cabbage to the middle as you go. The cabbage will start to wilt and begin to yield juice.

Then with your fist continue to punch, push and pack the cabbage down until the cabbage is submerged under the juice.

Then put a plate n top to hold it all down. I put a pot of water on there to help hold it under as well.

You can also use a a gallon container filled with water or a cleaned rock.
I keep it on the counter this way for a week or so until fermentation begins. Then I rempve the weight cover it with a towel and move the crock to the basement or closet.


Oh yeah. Ya have to try it that way. The apples actually make it more sour.

Sometimes I put carrots and celery in there too.

Is cabbage cabbage - or is there a specific type for pickling?


Good question.

And yes there is a best kind of cabbage. Around here it is called winter cabbage. I get them from the Amish. They are only available from late fall to early winter.

They are usually huge too. The ones in the pictures are small in comparison to the average size I usually get.

The heads should be sound, heavy and dense.

If you try to use just any cabbage they dont seem to yield enough brine when you salt and pack it.



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