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Author Topic: Partial Mash BIAB - Potential Scorch Question  (Read 1329 times)

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Partial Mash BIAB - Potential Scorch Question
« on: October 28, 2018, 09:44:22 pm »
Brewed a black IPA on my 3rd BIAB today on my new 14 gallon kettle on a cheap Walmart turkey fryer propane burner (which I've used for the 16 previous batches).  Used 3# DME and stirred the wort as I poured in as usual and stirred constantly until the dry clumps noticeably faded.  I've never turned the burner off when adding malt extract and make sure to stir vigorously until dissolved.  Never had scorching issues previously.  A bit after adding the dark DME I noticed a slight burnt smell and got concerned as it didn't smell as usual.  I did use some different dark/roasted grains so not discounting the smell for those.  After emptying the brew kettle once transferred I looked at the bottom of the kettle and there was some "hot spots" from the burner that showed some gray spots with a residue stuck to the kettle in those areas.  I would think that if the DME or sugars did burn on the bottom that it'd be black and charred locally.  Since it's a black IPA the wort is already black so can't tell by color if anything odd happened.
When transferring to primary I tasted some of the wort and it tasted odd and burnt but thinking my mind was playing tricks since I thought I scorched it, but also had some hop particulate in the sample so not sure if the astringent taste was from the steeping hops or a burned/scorched DME/wort.
I'm hoping this batch isn't ruined.  Any thoughts?