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Author Topic: For Sale: The Kowgerator  (Read 1053 times)

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For Sale: The Kowgerator
« on: November 06, 2018, 09:18:22 am »
The Kowgerator.  A masterpiece of home engineering.  Just WAY too big for my needs.

Set up for 4 Corneys. INCLUDES primary and secondary (proper gauges not a can set different pressure for each keg) regulators, Intertap taps new Inkbird ITC-608T, hoses, ball lock fittings and 2 drip trays.

DOES NOT include kegs or CO2 tanks.  Add your cornies and CO2 and you are serving up 1-4 kegs of homebrew with room for 3-4 more or use extra space for other beer or cold storage.


Used coolers like this go for $800+
The taps, hoses and regulators would be $600+
The InkBird goes for $65
Add on the labor and drip trays.... A STEAL!

Located in Cape May County NJ.  Buyer to pick up or arrange delivery.  Has casters. HEAVY.

Any questions just ask.
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