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Corn Syrup?

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Has anybody ever used corn syrup in a beer? I have some laying around that I don't intend to use for anything else, so I thought I might use it in a tripel-ish recipe. Any reason why I shouldn't?

It has vanilla added, so be prepared for that flavor...

let us know.  the little amish general store near my ma's farm has some cheap, as well as pure fructose and some interesting varieties of wheat and oats that may be worthwhile now that i think of it.

I just checked the ingredients: Glucose, glucose-fructose, water, refiners' syrup, salt. Hm, could be fun to try, could be a mistake.

I've used it a few times, in fact I'm going to make a batch or two with it again.  Its somewhat similar to using honey but doesn't finish quite as dry imo.  As MDixon said, most have vanilla added so be prepared for that flavor to come through to some extent, use a recipe you'd want some vanilla in it and you're good to go.  I've used it in PA's and Stouts and I've liked them all.  I don't know about using it in an IPA... might be good with the right hops etc.


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