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Removing Dry Hops From a Keg

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Joe Sr.:
I recently dry hopped in a keg for the first time.  Some in tea balls and what didn't fit I just dumped in.

I used pellet hops, which I've understood will just sink and not be a big deal.

Just tapped it after two weeks and... lots of hops blowing through plus it's time to get the hops out.

Any suggestions on removing the hops?

My current thought is: de-pressurize, pull the dip tube and out in a braided stainless-steel filter on the end, re-pressurize and push the beer to another keg.

Any body have an easier solution?



Yeah, pellets in the keg are a pain. Honestly, thinking about it - the solution of putting a braid around the dip tube is probably easiest and good SOP when dealing with dry hops in the keg.

Joe Sr.:
Thanks.  Then it's off to the hardware store and a little research.

My recollection is you can pull the braiding off of a sink supply line but I've never done it.

I have a nice sized tea ball that I want to try and dry hop with. My idea is to suspent the ball about half way up (down) the keg. I just have yet to figure out how to do it. I am leaning towards using an additional dip tube o ring and
place it a the level I want in the keg. and use some boiled cooking twine, the type used in tying meat and rings of ribs up. Tie the ball to the o ring and run with it.

I am not sure about pulling the hops out though, I think I'll just let em ride.

Joe Sr.:
I've got three or four tea balls in there right now and holy cripes they've been in long enough.

Perhaps it's just the suspended hops, but it's quite bitter.  And green.  And full of floaters.

Two or three weeks on the dry hops (Nugget, 2 oz., 13+% AA).


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