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Re-called Nottingham Yeast


Well, this is the second time I've typed this because I got logged out.  Have to up the 60 minute limit I guess.

I sent back 3 packs of Nottingham yeast from the recall in September.  I just got them over the weekend (plus two extra).  Just thought I'd share in case anyone was worried about their yeasties.

Not sure I'm even going to use them now.  Maybe for priming bottles.

If you don't feel comfortable using the yeast for fermentation, it will also work as a yeast nutrient if you dump a bit into the end of the boil.  Kinda cannibalistic, eh?

I made a 12 gallon batch of IPA on New Years Eve. split into 3 four gallon primary's. I pitched 3 different yeasts, one being Nottingham, the other two started like gangbusters within 4-5 hours. The Nottingham showed nothing, this morning there was a very small Krausen starting, so to be safe I pitched a newer pack of Notty. The first one is lot number 1080360088v exp. 08-10. From what I could find, it was not included in the recall, Just wondering if any one else has had similar problems? I e-mailed Danstar, but being the holidays I have not heard back.

Anyone notice any other dry yeast issues?  I've done two fermentis S05 batches and noticed off flavors but right now I've attributed it to my own processing and or procedures.  To be sure I've hot washed, boiled, used line brushes, BLC, tore the kegs down and rebuilt them, more boiling hot wash and soaked in starsan.  I've got one keg sitting full of starsan right now, waiting for another batch to finish.


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