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Author Topic: Impact of Homebrew Clubs on the Community  (Read 1498 times)

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Impact of Homebrew Clubs on the Community
« on: January 23, 2019, 10:11:45 pm »
Hi all -

I'm hoping to find some specific examples of homebrew clubs impacting their community in a positive way. I'd like to gather any & all input from club members around the country (and the world!) about how their club is engaged with their local community outside of monthly meetings, brewery tours, etc.

If possible, it would be great to have specific measurable statistics, and a link to any media coverage of the club's activities. By measurable statistics, I'm referring to:

- Charitable donations: either monetary amount, or other (i.e. canned food/toy drives)
- Volunteer hours input
- Efforts undertaken to promote diversity within homebrewing
- Anything else that makes the club stand out as a community-centric entity

Also, remember that Radegast Club of the Year submissions are due on March 31:

Thanks, all! I look forward to hearing about how awesome the homebrewing community is!

- Matt
Matt Bolling

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Re: Impact of Homebrew Clubs on the Community
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2019, 06:03:20 pm »
The Hogtown Brewers of Gainesville Florida was the Radegast Club of the year in 2016. And we are proud of what we have done for our community in helping us win the award.

The club plays a role in the local Medieval Faire each year. We also organize the annual craft beer festival. The proceeds for these events are contributed to local community partners. Each year for the last 4 years (maybe more) we have contributed over $30,000 (more than $120,000 total in those four years) to our community partners: Habitat for Humanity, Alachua Conservation Trust, Lubee Bat Conservancy, United Way, Rebuilding Together, Working Food, Alachua County Humane Society, Peaceful Paths, Climb for Cancer, and others. We did a beer and food fundraiser this past Sunday where we raised over $2000 for the local Humane Society.

At our monthly executive committee meetings, people make suggestions for $300 donations to community organizations. Some months we have 3 organizations receiving donations but most months usually 2 organizations. We have held food drives for the local food bank.

A number of our members volunteer at community organizations. I volunteer twice a month at an indigent care clinic (I'm a physician assistant) and others volunteer in different capacities at other medical clinics and animal shelters.

Give me a day or two and I can send along some press releases that have been written about us and links to TV coverage.

And we like beer.

Ralph Rice
President, Hogtown Brewers
Ralph R.