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Split Batch: Twins
« on: February 26, 2019, 02:25:04 am »
I would like to do a brew day to celebrate a pair of fraternal twins yet to be born. My thoughts are the beers have to be "conceived" and "born" at the same time.

Some background info and other thoughts. I have a 1/2bbl Sanke/cooler all-grain brewhouse. I only have 1 fridge to control fermentation temps so I think the strength and yeast should be the same (or similar) for both (No IPA/IPL split). I'm lazy, so I would like to push the split out as far as possible (Parti-gyle would add quite a bit to my brew day as I only have a single boil kettle).

From most similar to least similar, here's where I think I can do a decent split. Different dry-hop schedules for two NEIPAs. Different yeasts to maybe do an NEIPA and APA (clear the APA up with kettle finings as well). Do a partial drain of the kettle and do additional whirlpool hop additions to do a pale ale, IPA split (could even add more heat turning beer 1's whirlpool hops into beer 2's flavor/aroma hops).

This last idea is what I think I want to try. Mash and collect about 14 gallons. Do a nominal FWH. Boil. Collect 6 gallons back into my mash tun and do whirlpool hop additions to create an NEIPA. Continue to boil in the boil kettle adding flavor, aroma and whirlpool additions to do an IPA (Possibly even sugar to make it a DIPA). Ferment each with appropriate yeast (in the same fridge) and dry hop schedules. Fine the IPA.

Can a single water profile and mash produce a decent NEIPA and (D)IPA? The FWH wouldn't add much character to either just some base bittering. I'd go heavy on the C-hops for the IPA and the citra/mosaic/etc for the NEIPA after they are split apart. How long could the hopping schedules be identical?

I kind of like the idea of one of the beers being an NEIPA as the one I just made was a massive hit with everyone including folks who aren't generally into craft beer.

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Re: Split Batch: Twins
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2019, 11:03:05 am »
I don't see a good reason not to split a batch.  I think you can be quite happy using the same water profile but I don't think you have to use the same.  You could for example add more gypsum to the boil of the DIPA to counter the sweetness found in many DIPAs.  Have fun!