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I recently moved from the country (with a well) to a small town (city water).  I am hoping to brew my first batch at the new house this weekend and was wondering what, if anything, I need to know about city water. I never tested the well water and I never had a problem with it.

The city water tastes fine, I was thinking that I might just go ahead and brew and see if I got any off flavors.

What should I be worried about with the water?

Extract or AG? If it's extract I say just go ahead and brew.

AG, single step mashing.

Chlorine and/or chloramine.

 A campden tablet should take care of it.

One issue I have with my city water is high iron. the good thing about iron is that you can smell it's presence. The bad thing is it takes an RO system to remove it.

Ask your local water board for a copy of their most current analysis. It may even be posted on your local government website. From there you can compare it to the water profiles of your current style and determine if you need to do anything more (or less) with your water.


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