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What style is this?  Belgian Pale?

Most Trappist breweries also feature a lower-alcohol "patersbier" or "fathers' beer" that is only available locally. This variety is designed to be consumed by the monks themselves, although it is sometimes offered at the monastery's on-site café. Examples include Chimay Dorée and Petite Orval.

Taken from wikipedia.

I read that as well.  Kind of why I wondered if it actually fell into a BJCP category.

Edit: Sorry, Still thinking I was posting on a differnt site.  I'm talking about the kit on NB's site.

All beers fall into a category, if they don't fit elsewhere they fit into one of the Specialty categories.
In this case 16E Belgian Specialty Ale

--- Quote ---This category may be used as an “incubator” for recognized styles for which there is not yet a formal BJCP category. Some styles falling into this classification include:

Blond Trappist table beer
Artisanal Blond
Artisanal Amber
Artisanal Brown
Belgian-style Barleywines
Trappist Quadrupels
Belgian Spiced Christmas Beers
Belgian Stout
Belgian IPA
Strong and/or Dark Saison
Fruit-based Flanders Red/Brown
--- End quote ---

"Brouwerij'ed" on the left side of the Belgian town Malle solely for consumption by the reverent Cistercian brothers. This ale is not served or sold to the public, making it one of the rarest beers in the world. Made only from pilsner malt, hops, and yeast, the complexity that results from these simple ingredients is staggering: perfumey floral hops, ripe pear fruit, sour apple, spicy cloves, candied citrus and a slight biscuit character on the drying finish ... a monks' session beer."

fermenting this now for my first time, but the reviews on NB's site are overwhelmingly positive; there is a long thread about it too. i have high hopes that this will be one of my staples.


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