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Newbie dark pseudo-bock

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I hope I'm not going out of my league for my second brew ever, but I wanted to get a bit more complex.  This may be more a question of yeast though.  This recipe started with me looking for something with which to get rid of my "lager" extract kit that came with my fermenter kit.

Rocky Mountain American Dark
This is a Bock-Like lager made with added chocolate malt.
The American Mount Hood hops add fine flavour and aroma.

1 can Coopers Lager extract kit

50g Cracked Crystal Malt

100g Cracked Chocolate Malt

500g Light Dry Malt Extract

20g Mount Hood Hop Pellets (Hallertaur Hersbruker as substitute, since I can't get Mt. Hood here in Italy)

(Possible yeast substitute: White labs American ale yeast blend)

I plan to just steep the grains according to John J. Palmer's "How to Brew", then do the usual extract kit thing, and add the hops with about 10 minutes left.  Since I don't have the ability to lager, I was going to try to use a substitute ale yeast (not the dry yeast that comes with the kit) of the White labs American ale yeast blend.

Does anything seem glaringly wrong in this recipe?  I'm not really sure what to expect, but it sounds interesting.

Substituting the lager yeast with ale yeast will not be a problem.  The only thing that seems wrong to me is your only hop addition at 10min.  With only 20g, I would imagine that is for a 60 min addition.  If you are going for a bock-esque ale, there should only be a tinge of hop balance in the back end of things, not really any flavor or aroma of hops.  Try it out, experiment, and drink up.

Yup, a bock should have a decent malt backbone followed up with bitterness, but a 60 to 45 minute bittering addition should do you well.

Once fermented try to cold condition the bockesque ale for a while .

I agree about the bitterness, but maybe the kit is already hopped.  If so, we need a bit more information on the amount of bitterness there, hopefully the kit came with a recipe that will give you that information.

It has been a while, but I recall the Coopers Lager kit being pre-hopped, but needing some Dry Malt Extract added, to the tune of about 3 LB of Dry malt Extract to make 5 gallons.  (Things may have changed, as may have my perception of reality in the past 5 years)  The 1Lb (500g) seems a bit light.  However, the more I examine all the addtions, I think I should ask if you are shooting for a smaller batch size than 5 Gallons (19 liters)?

Let us know


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