Author Topic: 3.5 bbl (almost) complete electric brew system - $15,000. Location: Media, PA  (Read 223 times)

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For sale (almost) complete 3.5 brew system.
3 - vessel elec brew system
3 - 2.5 bbl brite tanks
4 - coiled plastic ferms  (60 gal)

I bought this a year ago as I had a lease in place for a brewery space that has since fallen through.  2 other locations have also not panned out, so I want to stop paying storage for this equipment and get some cash back.  I’m still looking, but if and when I find a location, I’ll buy another one.   So I’ve actually never brewed with this system.  I bought the brew system from a brewery called Litherman’s Limited in NH a year ago.  He was brewing 3-4 batches a day until he got his 15 bbl up and running.  I have his name and number and I’m sure he can answer any of your questions regarding the system.  Almost everything you would need to start up a brewery - except maybe a few hoses.

Here is the what is included with that:
Brew Kettle 145 Gallons  -  4 heating elements (24 KW)
Mash Tun 120 Gallons - passive
HLT 140 Gallons – one heating element port (no element included)
Electric Control Panel –
•  Temperature control
•  Pump control
•  Kettle power control (0-100%)
Sparge arm 18”
CPE30H-XXD Plate Heat Exchanger
1 – Single Phase pump
Brew system:  $10,000

The plastic ferms are actually 60 gal (not 2.5 bbl).  I bought them from Magic City Brewery in Akron OH.  He was able to hold the brew to 40 degrees consistently with the coils to cold crash.  I have 4 of these.
4 - fermenters:  $1000

The 2.5 bbl brite tanks were purchased from a guy who had a bunch in No. Jersey (not a brewery).  I have 3 of these.
3 - Brite tanks:  $5400

or everything for $15,000

Not sure how to add pics here, but if you email me directly, I can provide.

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