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Re: My Professional Basement Brewery
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Re: My Professional Basement Brewery
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What role do the BIAB hooks have for you?

I mash with a BIAB bag. I like the way it works so I get zero particulate coming though the pipes. I custom made my bag to have a finer mesh so I get some filtering as well. It also makes cleaning a breeze. Lift out bag and CIP takes over. No dumping, scooping, etc.

I'm not sure how I missed this.  I remember when you were talking about working with Stout.  I'm always blown away with people and their abilities.  I too agree on the BIAB bag.  I had one custom made for my MT and love it.  The filtering is fantastic, but second to the ease of cleaning up.  Until you talked about it, I had never thought about the other uses.  Really nice work Bryan!  Back to my manual ball valve controls.  :-\
Jeff B