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Re: Home Brewing Limit
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but didn't you give the government taxes when you bought the ingredients to make the beer?  perhaps not if you grew some or all of them yourself, but even then you'd have to pay some taxes for growing supplies and equipment (and water???)

Not where I live.  There is no sales tax on groceries here - malted grain, malt extract and hops are all considered food, so I pay no tax.

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Re: Home Brewing Limit
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of course growing your own barley can keep that off the grid as can the small hop farm on the side of my house.  and how about those adjuncts.  corn, rice, pumpkin, apple juice for cider.  oh the ins and outs and the hidden sugars.  makes my head swim. of course you could just "leave"  a full corny on the porch when the tax man cometh... 8)
Its my understanding that wine is covered under a different statute so we get to make an additional 200 gallons of wine (mead and cider are legally wine) in addition to our 200 gallons of beer. Is this correct?