Author Topic: How do I register for the AHA Forum?  (Read 19341 times)

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How do I register for the AHA Forum?
« on: July 30, 2010, 04:21:07 PM »
1. To register as a new user for the AHA forum (and click ‘register’ link above. 
2. Select ‘Create a Profile’ to generate a new profile or set user information for an existing account if you have one. 
3. Once done, your username will be set both for and for the AHA Forum.  **However, the AHA forum registration process is not complete until a new password is set.  At the Forum login screen, select ‘Forgot your password?’ to set your AHA Forum password.

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Re: How do I register for the AHA Forum?
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I don’t see a “register” link anywhere!??