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Fermenting is done!!

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So I'm going to be putting it in a 5gallon keg, going to pressurize at 20psi, and let it self carbonate. No priming sugar....

Will this work?

You'll have to leave the pressure on continuously for a while in order to have enough CO2 to fill the volume.

Sometimes if I'm pressed for time I'll set my pressure at 30psi for 2-3 days and be ready to serve.
That's assuming a beer that was cold crashed to 34F.

I've placed primary in the walk-in cooler, so that will bring it to 34F, I will transfer to secondary and place back in walk-in at 34F. Then I will transfer to 5gallon keg, pressurize at 20psi, and wait a week or two then I will drink it.

A week or two at 20psi is too long.  What style of beer did you brew?


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