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Re: Checking kegs for beerstone
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I have found that selecting a proper cleaning chemicals is the biggest challenge in brewing.

I have no problem selecting them, but most of the stuff I want is not available to consumers.

When I worked at the Med Ctr all I had to do was put in a purchase order, and the stuff magically appeared. But these days 68% HNO3 and 85% H3PO4 is about as easy to find as a unicorn!


True, Charlie.  If you have a pro brewer friend at a local brewery, he/she might be able to get some for you.  Several years ago, I got a gallon of 75% phosphoric from the brewery I worked for and it will probably last me for the rest of my life.  I can also get caustic when I need it from another brewery and a gallon of the stuff lasts me quite a while since I primarily use it to clean my beer lines (way cheaper than BLC).

You might also want to contact a local cleaning supply house and see if they might be able to order some of this stuff for you.  Nitric acid might be a bit harder to come by but they may be able to order KMS-10 (which is the same stuff) from Loeffler for you, provided they have an account with them.  Or you can just milkstone remover from a dairy supply outfit, as Rob mentioned which is much cheaper.
True. You could go to to buy your stuff. Issue is that the smallest package you can buy is case of 4 1 Gal jugs (if you are lucky).

Thanks for the link, Thirsty Monk.  Just looked at their site.  Looks like if you buy caustic from them (their alkaline kettle cleaner) the smallest quantity you can buy is a 5 gallon pail.  Since the product contains sodium hydroxide, the shipping costs will would be prohibitive for a homebrewer since it will most likely have to come by truck.  UPS and FexEx normally won't transport hazardous chemicals that are in quantities larger than a quart.  I learned that from Five Star a few years back when I asked if they could ship gallon jugs of Saniclean to me.
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Re: Checking kegs for beerstone
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True. They also have a powder that can be shipped thru FedEx and others.
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