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Cooler Repair Needed - Please Help!

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So over the weekend I decided to add a thermosight to my HLT.

In drilling my 3/8" hole I managed to drill next to 1 of only 2 bubbles/waves on the internal wall (warped from the heat of past brews). Because of its location I am unable to get the o-ring, washer, & nut assembly on.

I'd like to patch and re-drill a new hole. Does anyone have any suggestions on what/how to patch the 3/8" hole? It needs to be stable to the heat and pressure of 10g of strike water.

  This id going to be a tough one. My only thought would be to get a scrap of stainless, maybe 4"x4", and give it a little roll to contour to the pot. Rivet each corner, and then use some JB Weld on the outside of the pot to seal it.

Edit : Wait, you said I guess this means plastic, so use a scrap of plastic in place of the SS.

Couldn't you just fill it with something like GOOP?  A little masking or duct tape on both sides to hold the glue in the hole until it dried?

I'd try attaching that scrap plastic with epoxy puddy.  It is really easy to use and will actually cure underwater.  So I'm guessing it will be good and water tight. 

Epoxy alone might work for that.


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