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burners for 55 gallon pots

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Hi All,
I have decided to upgrade to a 1 bbl system using 2-55 gallon boilermakers for mashing and boiling and a 30 gallon for my HLT.  I have some guys welding up a modified Brutus 10 to accommodate the larger pots, but I am not sure which burners to use for such a large system. 
I am torn between a cast iron hurricane burner and jet burners.  I have a smaller cast iron burner that I use now so I have experience with that, but have no experience with the jet burners.
Any suggestions?  Maybe a 3rd, 4th, or 5th option I haven't thought of?

Try this,

What about propane? Most resturant stuff is natural gas.

I have a 30gal kettle I boil in that rests on 2 x 70000 btu cajun cooker burners... I use both burners
to reach strike water temp then pump to my mash tun (plastic)

After I dough in I heat sparge water and pump to my HLT (plastic)

When I drain to the brew kettle I only need one burner to get a rolling boil while slowly sparging since
the wort is already around 150F... I could probably switch out that burner for one half that power and if I was to do that
I would probably go with a 50000 btu ring type burner with a needle valve flow control - back the gas right down.

I have such a ring burner but it is used exclusively for outdoor cooking - pasta sauce, chilli, and soup done inside a
converted Sanke... the flame and heat control is so much better on those ring burners it is not funny, but my wife
would kill me if I messed with her set-up, down side is they are more $$ and they are big/bulky to set up side by side.

I would stay away from jet burners (straight pipe type) they are noisy and don't offer much control - got rid of one already.

My system consists of a 30g HLT 40g MT 30g Kettle and 2 x 15g Keggles - cast out is 45gal at 1060 OG max


--- Quote from: bob on November 17, 2009, 05:14:09 PM ---What about propane? Most resturant stuff is natural gas.

--- End quote ---
They make these available for propane as well


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