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I'd like to ask people to put their location into their profile.  It kinda makes things a bit more personalized, and helps brewers near each other to get together if the want to.  Kinda like the old Rennerian coordinates in HBD!

To do this, go into your profile and click on "Forum Profile Information".  Then you can add your location info to either your personal text or signature.  Don't use the "Location" box...for some unknown reason, your location won't show up if you do that.

Currently Portland, OR

Hey fellow Oregonian!  Gimme a shout if you get down in the Eugene area!

Fine, but you can't make me happy about it.

Oh wait, I've had my location in my profile. Bah!

Hmmm...  I put my location in my profile a couple of days ago, but it doesn't show up under my avatar like I see it for others. Do we see our own posts differently, or is there something I needed to click?


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