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Where are you?

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The "Location" field doesn't seem to show up.  I have my location in the "Personal Text" field.

Great idea Denny.

In case anyone hasn't noticed I'm from The First State...Delaware...

Svejk - you need to put it in the "personal text" field.  I tried to edit that, and had to relearn where to change it.  Let me see if it works now...

It worked.

As long as I'm still welcome here...  :-\


--- Quote from: denny on August 23, 2010, 03:46:23 PM ---I'd like to ask people to put their location into their profile.  It kinda makes things a bit more personalized, and helps brewers near each other to get together if the want to.  Kinda like the old Rennerian coordinates in HBD!

--- End quote ---

Did that a good while back.  It really does help to see where people are.


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