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So my fiancee's brother was visiting from north carolina this weekend, and I decided to pick up Beer for the family party we were having yesterday.  I decided to pick up the beer, and he suggested either SA oktoberfest or Saranac Pale Ale.  The liquor stor didn't have SA Oktoberfest, so I went with the Saranac and some Bud for everyone else.  I should've went with my gut and just picked up some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale because this Saranac was... bleh.  Just seemed too fruity/flowery.  Didn't really have a clean finish at all and left a bad after taste in my mouth.  Thankfully I brought some homebrew to her parents house a few weeks ago and it was still in the refridgerator. 

That's too bad, I enjoyed a lot of the Saranac beers 15 or 20 years ago.  I wonder if they've changed or it's just me.

Yeah, I haven't had them in years but they used to be pretty good.

I have not enjoyed a Saranac branded brew in quite some time. Not saying I haven't had them, just I have not enjoyed them... YMMV  ;)

They have definitely had a QC issue . . . I had a Black Forest Lager back in May at the Memphis Zoo Brew that was pure vinegar. Bad enough that the server was more or less warning . . Sample at your own risk.  :-\


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