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Chris Studach
« on: November 16, 2009, 07:19:28 PM »
If you've ever had or seen Rogue's Hazelnut Brown Nectar (known around here as Bald Guy Brown!), you've seen Chris Studach's face.  Chris is a long time member of the Cascade Brewers Society in Eugene, OR.  Christopher Studach is the guy who put the nut in nut brown ale.  Chris is an award winning homebrewer, making hundreds of different lagers, ales, and specialty beers since 1984.  He has won best of show in Oregon four times, and placed 3rd in Nationals with a Belgian Wit.  He is a National level BJCP judge as well.
Christopher has written for several national, and international beer magazines, and his home brew recipes have been published many times.
In 1993, Christopher was chosen to brew the National Commemorative Home Brew for the American Homebrewer’s National Convention.  The result was the original Oregon Nut Brown, the beer that put the nut in nut brown.  Rogue Brewery in Newport loved the beer so much that they collaborated with Christopher and introduced the Hazelnut Brown Nectar in 1994.  Since then it has won World Champion Brown Ale nine times, an unprecedented feat!  Rogue also produces Christopher’s Imperial Stout.  The picture below of from the Cascade Brewers Society's Teach a Friend Day 2009.  Chris is on the right in the black and orange sweatshirt.

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Re: Chris Studach
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Nice post there Denny :)

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Re: Chris Studach
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That's me next to him in the green jacket and blue hat :)

Chris is a great brewer and a fun person to be around.  He is good in that he will compliment you on your beer if he likes it.
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