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Babalu is currently in the ICU, on a ventilator and they are treating him for EEE. Test results won't be back for another day or two.  He's not doing well right now and could use whatever positive thoughts and prayers you can send his way.  If it is EEE and if Jeff makes it, he's in for months of recovery. So please keep Jeff, his wife and his kids in your thoughts and prayers.


All the positive thoughts I can muster I'll send his way!  And if it helps, I'll down a few dunkelweizens I brewed up with the (award winning) recipe he gave me.

PS I had to google EEE  :(

Thank you for the update.  We just heard of 2 cases of EEE here in MI over the weekend.

I had to google it too.  Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE).

Positive vibes and prayers definitely going his way. Please keep us posted. Get better Babalu!!

SHOCKED . . to say the least. Definitely bad stuff. Come on Jeff . . we're all thinking of you and your family.


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