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On the weekends, I fly my fiance around the Pacific NW to try out different breweries.  We fill up a half dozen growlers and get home in time to throw some rib eyes on the Weber and sit back and enjoy some fresh beer.
The only problem is I can't try any of the beers at the brewery while she sits back with a sh!t-eating grin on her face behind an empty goblet.
Hood River, OR is a great place to fly/drive to for some awesome beers and food.  If anyone goes through there, skip Full Sail and hit up Double Mountain.

When I fly my private jet to the pacific nw, I usually stay the night at a hotel so I don't have to drink and fly.

If you are in Hood River, it is well worth the 40 minute drive to Stevenson Wa. Walking Man brewery, home of Old Stumblefoot Barley Wine. Walking Man is a small brewpub, and his beers reflect it, more like drinking fantastic homebrew than craft beer. I would highly recommend you stop by, if you are in the area!

I would second Walking Man.

Their Homo Erectus is a great beer.  Of course I hear people like to say "give me a Homo" when ordering, but what do I know?

Walking Man does have some good beer.  I love their bar stools with all that rebar.


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