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Jolly Pumpkin's Noel de Calabaza (2008)


This beer was excellent...

9% ABV seasonal... don't know if they add spices, but it is very complex. The first impression is that of Orval... the wild strains of yeast are very similiar. I think these beasties did their work in the bottle... it damn near exploded on me!

JP's wild yeast produce flavors/aromas ranging from pineapple to sawdust to old books. Following that is the warmth of alcohol. As you gulp it down, you get the spiced base beer - a wonderful belgian dark strong.

Definitely one I would LOVE to try a Christmastime vertical! I will also be pouring the dregs into my Flanders Red. It may not be "to style", but I would love to keep these wild yeasts in (the right area of) my brewhouse!


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