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Frozen, un-dryed hops

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My mom grew some hops for me... and she brought me a shoebox of them last weekend.

I wasn't brewing, so I put them in a freezer bag, sucked the air out with a straw, and put them in the freezer.

Can I still use these hops? Do hops suffer from freezer burn???

I hope you give your mom something nice for Mother's Day, sounds like she rocks.

A week in the freezer is no problem. Hops can get freezer burn, but not in that amount of time. If stored properly, hops will stay fresh for years in the freezer. I store mine in glass, but a freezer bag should be OK for a short time.

So why dry them???

So you can store them longer.

How long have the un-dried hops kept in your glass jars?
I am moving soon and don't want to waste my hop yield.


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