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Long Cascade hops

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I just harvested some interestingly long cascade hops today.  These are four of the longest cascades at about 2.375". 
What's the longest you've ever grown or seen?
I know, I know. it's not the length of the wand, but it's the magic you create with it that counts.

I was just out looking at mine, thinking they were kinda jumbo sized too. Must be the global warming thingy people keep talking about.

Wow, that is amazing!!  I'm still waiting for my cascade to be ready for picking.  I've never seen any that long.

Beautiful hops!

I have a Cascade bine that has produced an abundance of hops cones but they are about three quarters the size of yours.

I wonder what effect size will have on the intensity of the AA's and bitterness/flavor/aroma they will lend to the beer?

I did not measure any like that, and they are packaged in foodsaver bags, but my cascades were uniformly long this year.  Mostly as long as my thumb, and in past years it was some were as long as my thumb.  The Chinook is putting out long cones this year as well.  Here it is warm weather, rain that has been spaced nicely, and manure early and then fertilizer.

If you can find representations of the varieties on the net, Cascade is usually shown as a long cone compared to others.


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