Author Topic: Hop Tea, adding all hops after fermentation  (Read 432 times)

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Hop Tea, adding all hops after fermentation
« on: March 23, 2020, 09:56:58 PM »
Hey all,

This is my first post here. Greetings

Stuck at home and want to get another brew going while I am off tomorrow.

I’ve been doing exclusively, for the last year-ish, weird farmhouse style ales.

Doing a honey/wheat batch with 1 lb honey to 3 lbs DME. Was going to hop it pretty heavily to cut down on the sweetness, which adding the honey late will add to further, but with all the goings on, can’t get any hops until the weekend.

If I get it going tomorrow, using OYL-033
JOVARU LITHUANIAN FARMHOUSE, it will may be ready for kegging by Sunday or Monday.

So the question....can I get it going at 4-4.5 gallon volume and then add a chilled hop tea or 1-0.5 gallons this weekend after most of the fermentation is over?

I have been using hop tea exclusively for hopping since I don’t boil my DME (tho I will boil a little
this time bc of the honey), but usually chill it and add it before the yeast goes in.

Anyone think of any reason doing to same thing post fermentation will result in anything terribly different. Not worried at all about throwing ABV, just bittering factor really.

Biggest concern is I heard some stuff about hops not really bittering a full batch as effectively when boiled in smaller volumes like under a gallon.


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Re: Hop Tea, adding all hops after fermentation
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2020, 05:09:59 PM »
Your hop tea will max out at 100 IBUs and then be diluted by the wort.  If you do a gallon of hop tea, you can get up to 20 IBUs in a 5 gal batch. 

Honey ferments completely so it doesn't add sweetness to the finished beer. 
Good luck!