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AHA recipe Wiki needs a boost!

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Yes indeed... she's still pretty skeet in some key areas (only one recipe for Am. Stout???)

I've seen a LOT of recipes posted on forum topics... lets get 'em logged into the wiki!!!

I'll start it off by submitting a 2nd place Trad. Bock.

I agree. 

I need to enter my 2010 NHC Silver Medal ESB.  I'll have it done by the weekend.

Yes, please do!  Whenever you post a recipe here, please put it in the recipe wiki also.  It's much easier to search then the forum.

is the intent of the recipe wiki to be more or less beers have won awards/scored well?

And when you list a recipe, always list the awards/competition/score it was in.  Some other than "Joe said it was a good recipe"


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