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British Hops...Good Quality?


Several years back, I purchased some British leaf hops (Fuggles, EKGs) from Hops Direct that were cheesy smelling.  I've avoided buying these particular hops ever since.  I've pretty much stuck to Willamettes as a decent sub.  However, I'm now tempted to try EKGs again.  How are they these days? 

I don't use a lot of EKG right now but the crops I have gotten in the past were good. Of course, I usually get pellets. If you are worried about freshness that is the direction I would suggest.

Agreed.  I always purchase pellets if I'm buying European hops.

I have been on a serious jag the past six months brewing bitters with EKG and Styrian Golding pellets, and they have been great. Northern Brewer has EKG pellets...$9 for a half a pound.


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