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Sierra Nevada "English Caramel"

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Nagel Family Brewing:
Does anyone know what english caramel malt(s) Sierra Nevada is referencing in their malt list for Celebration and Bigfoot?  I have seen various clone recipes but was curious if anyone knew for sure what the brewery was using.

I know that I've seen English homebrew recipes that call for just "caramel malt" or "crystal malt", in which case they mean the ~50°L stuff. I'd be surprised if either of those beers use much, if any, of the darker (~150°L) crystal.

Pretty sure they use Crisp medium.

or you can get Thomas Fawcett or Hugh Baird versions of Medium Crystal fairly easily.

I use both english and us maltsters for Crystal Malts and frankly don't know if I can tell the difference  :-[

They use 60L crystal, source unknown by me.


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