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Author Topic: Looking to get into homebrewing  (Read 3249 times)

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Re: Looking to get into homebrewing
« Reply #15 on: September 02, 2010, 11:16:20 am »
Honestly, I'd take a little time to do some more reading while you wait for temperatures to cool down into the 60s.  You have enough to worry about the first time you make beer; no sense adding fermentation temperature control onto that pile.

Join a club, go see other people brew, talk to people, read some books. Figure out what you want to do, get the equipment, get ready to go.  Then when the weather breaks, go for it.

IPA is a pretty easy style, so you don't need a kit. Most of it will be pale extract anyway. Just pay attention to whatever recipe you use to see if they did a full boil or not. If you do a concentrated boil, know that it won't be as bitter as you'd expect.

Feel free to ask away, but do some reading first. There are a lot of different ways to brew, so you'll likely get a lot of different advice. Don't worry about that too much. Most of what you learn now you will change if you advance to more complicated brewing later.
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Re: Looking to get into homebrewing
« Reply #16 on: September 05, 2010, 06:28:53 pm »
Welcome the fold.  I would invest in a carboy for secondary.  It probaby saved my first couple of batches, and if they had not been good I might have given up. 

Also I would keep it simple to start out with.  I am just starting to move beyond kits, because they allow you to feel like you are involved in the process, without you having to get to crazy knowledgeable right off the bat.  Brewers best has some good stuff:

Supplement this with a good book perhaps:

Good Luck!