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So we were a bunch of lightweights this year and I ended up coming home with almost 5 gallons of Yuengling. What's a fellow to do? Why, make a jumper and push it into a corny keg of course.

So an hour and some questionable, drunken sanitation practices later, I have a corny of YuengALingALing on tap. Stop on by! Not sure how long it's gonna last.

I like what we've done in the past. Someone orders a keg of something big - Bigfoot, Celebration, Fantome (ok, that was just me) and then you and two other buds gather a corny a piece, jumper and transfer from the keg to yours and split the costs.

Damn hard to beat that.

I've always assumed it could be done in theory, but I never actually tried it before. Remarkably easy. It's a good thing I buy a half dozen of any random little bit of hardware that looks useful.

Also, I should have a breathalyzer lockout on my laptop.

I've done it a few times, both with leftovers like you've got, or with a new keg like Drew mentioned.  No problems at all.

I would have stopped by, but it's nearly 3000 miles :)


--- Quote from: MrNate on August 30, 2010, 06:27:47 PM ---
Also, I should have a breathalyzer lockout on my laptop.

--- End quote ---

lol! they should do this for cell phones too...although it would totally ruin a show like 'jersey shore'...or spare us a show like 'jersey shore'

i had never thought of a transfer like this, very intriguing.


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