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Smell was great pouring into the glass but I don't know,I found there to taste pretty hot and fusely. I wasn't expecting that at all. Big disappointment.

This is and old review I wrote the only time I've had this beer.

Price: three something  
Glassware: Samuel Smith pint  
Serving Type / Size: 330 ml stubby bottle  
Aroma: Fruity, mostly apricot and some banana over a sweet malt.  
Appearance:  Deep gold, large thick white head that falls slowly and leaves lacing. Not as effervescent as many other Belgians. Noticeable yeast sediment in the bottle.  
Flavor: Somewhat sweet Pils malt flavor dominates over some hop flavor and alcohol bite. A slightly bitter aftertaste lingers  
Mouthfeel: Not as carbonated as I would expect but still has a good carbonic bite. Medium body. Substantial alcohol.   General Impression: The alcohol is defiantly there. Don't hand this to a BMC drinker they probably will gag.    

i would definitely agree with the carbonic bite. alcohol was very pronounced while drinking...i had my hopes set high, oh well. thanks for the review.

I haven't had one in forever, but I loved it several years ago when I last did. It certainly was alcoholic, but it is also nearly 11%. I found it had a light phenolic (a good kind), but didn't find it to be fusel. Now a batch could certainly have fusel alcohols or have changed from the last time I had it.

I'd suggest picking up a bottle somewhere else and give it another whirl sometime in the future.

It's good and I like it, but yes it is a bit fusely.  With Belgians, the occasional fusel does not bother me much because the beer itself tastes so dang good.  With certain recipes and strains of yeast, there's no easy way for them to make a kickbutt tasty beer while at the same time minimizing fusels -- it just comes along for the ride.  You can accept it, or not.  I don't mind it, unless it's way over the top.  In this beer, I didn't think the fusels were too terrible.  In others, certainly yes!


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